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Glamour photography in indian style clothing

Exotic Blue: Glamour Photography

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Sometimes I get the urge to do something I’ve never done before. One thing that’s always caught my eye is exotic fashion. Maybe it’s from the time I spent in China during my youth. Every culture has it’s own aesthetic, and when I look around I find that there are so many different ways to look beautiful. I’ve often wanted to photograph an Indian wedding, but the opportunity hasn’t yet presented itself to me. Luckily, I always ask my clients to share their Pinterest pages with me so that I can get a feel for their taste and style. Read More

Boho fashion photography in nature

Paper Moon

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Boho Fashion Photography

Two things we have in abundance down here on the west coast of Florida are sunshine and natural beauty. We loved the way the golden sunlight shined through the fabric of Melissa’s dress late in this Autumn afternoon during our boho fashion shoot. It’s always such a pleasure to work outdoors, and we feel like we’ve done a good job when we get that warm sunny feeling just looking up at the computer screen. Read More

Beautiful woman on a grassy path wearing polka dot skirt.

Waiting for Fall

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I’ve always considered Fall to be the most beautiful season of the year. It’s true that we don’t get as much color down here in Florida as we used to get up in New Hampshire, but this week when the air cooled off for a few days I couldn’t help reminiscing about the baked apples my grandmother used to make with raisins and cinnamon when I was a child. Fall always makes me want to watch French movies, wander through crisp brown leaves, and cuddle up with Jake in the park… It’s a season of love stories and poetry. Read More

A halloween photo of a dark sorceress dividing in two.

A Jake and Dannie Halloween

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As I’ve mentioned a few times in previous posts, in addition to my lifestyle posts like my most recent stitch fix review (seriously, I’m hooked on that), I’ve been wanting to expand our business into fashion photography. I’m going to try out a weekly fashion/beauty column on the blog that I think will be helpful to our readers and clients. Eventually I’m hoping to add another package where clients can hire us for a fashion session (if you are interested in something like that let me know). We’ve been planning a halloween shoot to inspire our readers, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to have some fun, bringing a model and a makeup artist into our new home studio for a spooky fashion photography session. Read More

The Black Mask

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In a business where we always try to bring out our subject’s good side it was a bit of a shift to try to capture Julia’s dark side. Our theme was darkness and light, and the centerpiece of the shoot was our model Julia and her black mask. Even as the sun was cascading down through the tree branches in John Chesnut Park, we focused on creating an atmosphere of secrecy and solitude. Read More

Bride on beach with umbrella

Edge of Day (Part 2)

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As the sun drew closer to the horizon we walked down the beach, our feet sinking into the sand. Allison walked ahead of us in her beautiful white dress. Every now and then we stopped her when the moment looked right. We had walked a long way to get here since the parking lot was closed, but though our legs were tired the beach all but deserted, and soon only the herons and the gulls were watching us. Read More

Beach fashion photography at Fort Desoto in St. Petersburg Florida

Edge of Day (Part 1)

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There’s something about a sunset on the beach! When you look out into the ocean it feels like you can see to the end of the world, and when the sun drops down below the horizon it reminds you that the world goes on beyond what you can see. Also there are lots of pretty colors, and that’s the main attraction to photographers like us. We spent an hour and a half with Allison, exploring the beautiful beach at Fort DeSoto, and watching the sun make its way down the sky until it finally met the waves and disappeared. Read More

Woman standing in front of flowering bush

A Fresh Look at Gulfport

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I recently read an article on a new term called “hometown tourist” kind of a fun no frill spin on “staycation.” It’s about picking up the camera, grabbing the kids or besties and tour your neighborhood from the eyes of a tourist — this article actually made me a little home sick for NYC — where every time I go back I feel like a stranger in a familiar place, now it seems we are even farther from it. Read More

A beautiful woman looking out to the sea at sunset

Honeymoon Island

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We’ve been spending a lot of time exploring the area, and one thing I wanted to cross off the list early was a beautiful sunset on the beach. I wanted it to look romantic, and what location could be more romantic than Honeymoon Island. I was excited on Friday evening when Jake and I packed up our camera gear and headed for the state park. I wore a breezy pink dress that I knew would look good with the sun shining through it, and it whipped around in the wind as I walked down the shoreline. Read More