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Glamour photography in indian style clothing

Sometimes I get the urge to do something I’ve never done before. One thing that’s always caught my eye is exotic fashion. Maybe it’s from the time I spent in China during my youth. Every culture has it’s own aesthetic, and when I look around I find that there are so many different ways to look beautiful.

Woman in blue Indian Dress with scarf.
Glamour photography: woman in Indian style blue clothing and jewelry
Beautiful Indian style glamor photography with blue clothing
Indian style glamour photography on steps of a temple

We knew from shooting Amy’s engagement photos that she had a natural beauty that would go great with what we had in mind, so we arranged for Joan to give her a glamour makeover. It’s no secret movie that stars have their go to makeup artists, and Joan is ours. Everything came together for this shoot, and the results were amazing. It just goes to show that if there’s something you want to do you just have to look for the opportunity and have the courage make it happen. I was nervous about asking one of our clients to work with us in a style that I didn’t know much about, but if I hadn’t reached out to her I never would have gotten past the first step and done something I’ve always wanted to do.

Waving from the steps of a temple in Indian style blue clothing with scarf
Love the way the sun shines through the scarf in this Indian style glamour photo session
Resting in Indian clothing in front of a temple
Beautiful glamour photography in Indian clothing
Beautiful woman walks toward water in blue dress
Beautiful woman in Indian clothing stands by a pond
Reflection of woman wearing blue indian clothing

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