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Ella and Kyle: Wedding Photography in Palm Harbor, Florida

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We first met Ella and Kyle on the campus of the law school where they met and fell in love. They tied the knot this March at Palm Harbor’s Little White Chapel, while friends and family watched with love. The wedding was beautifully planned (it was our first wedding where we photography included a chapel, a golf resort, sparklers and a boat), but as is always the case, the love and the celebration stole the show. The most telling moments for us were the toasts during the reception. Some were touching, some were funny, but all had one thing in common - the people who knew Ella and Kyle best knew that they belonged together. Read More

Bride and Groom share a romantic moment on the dunes near the beach at sunset

Wedding Photography in St. Petersburg, Florida | Staci & Joel

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Staci and Joel were nervous a day before their wedding. They weren’t nervous about getting married and loving one another for the rest of their lives - about that they had no doubts. But it was February and if the temperatures didn’t warm up in the next twenty four hours the beach wedding they had envisioned would have to be moved inside. Luckily someone up there loved Staci and Joel and on their wedding day they spoke their vows as the sun got low over the sea behind them at the Civitan Beach Club in St. Petersburg, Florida. The two families who watched were happily joined together.

We’d gotten to know Staci and Joel well before their wedding. We met with them several times, drinking coffee, running from rainstorms and even joined them for Italian food after their engagement session. Our favorite moment of the wedding was when we got to sneak of with the bride and groom for a few moments at sunset (and what a sunset) - it was a moment of beauty and quiet between two people in love. As they drove off after the reception we took the last photo of the day and waved to them with everyone else. Congratulations Staci and Joel, we wish you the best in the years and decades ahead. Read More

Bride reclining on a bed of white sheets before her wedding

Marlene and Raul: Wedding Photography in Tampa, Florida

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Marlene and Raul will always hold a special place in our hearts. They were the first clients to book us after we moved our business to Florida. We didn’t know what to expect, and it was such a relief when the first people we worked with were two of the kindest and friendliest people we had ever met. When they tied the knot this March it was an emotional experience. We really did feel involved in their wedding - not just in our role as photographers, but also as witnesses to their union. Marnlene and Raul aren’t just good people, they are good for each other. Taking photos of a celebration is especially easy when you feel like celebrating as well. Everything about the day just felt right. Congratulations Marlene and Raul! We are truly happy for both of you, and we hope that we see you for many more happy occasions. Read More

Bride in white looking out window

Tampa Bay Area Bridal Photography | Melissa

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One of my favorite parts about wedding photography is the bridal preparations. The bride and her bridesmaids are encapsulated in a dreamy little bubble together, they are happy, sexy, confident, and of course full of nerves and excitement. It’s a great opportunity to capture the emotions that make the day special. It’s also an opportunity to see a woman transform herself into the beautiful bride she has been imagining for so long. Many women put more effort into their appearance on their wedding day than on any other day in their lives. To this end they sometimes hire a professional makeup artist, which I think is a great idea. Read More


St Petersburg Florida Wedding Photography | Bridal Editorial

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There’s something about a sunset on the beach! When you look out into the ocean it feels like you can see to the end of the world, and when the sun drops down below the horizon it reminds you that the world goes on beyond what you can see. Also there are lots of pretty colors, and that’s the main attraction to out door Portrait and wedding photographers like us. We spent an splendid sunset with Allison, exploring the beautiful beach at Fort DeSoto Beach in St Petersburg, Florida, and watching the sun make its way down the sky until it finally met the waves and disappeared. Read More

Bride and groom embrace on a bridge in Jackson New Hampshire

Jackson, New Hampshire Wedding Photography | Natalie & LJ

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We had the honor of photographing Natalie and LJ’s wedding. Set in scenic Jackson, NH, the wedding day was blessed with beautiful weather and kind people. The ice had nearly vanished by mid April, and the snow melt was rushing down the river by the church. Natalie and LJ did their vows before God and family, and it was such a pleasure to capture the love and commitment so palpable between this couple. What wonderful families were united on this wonderful day. Read More