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Susie and Trevor: Engagement Photography in Tarpon Springs, Florida

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We first met Susie and Trevor a year ago when we took some couples photos for them at sunset in Fort DeSoto Park. We try to keep in touch with our clients, and in this case we found ourselves working with Susie again and again. She modeled for us on multiple occasions, and when Trevor proposed we were honored that she thought of us when it came time to choose a wedding photographer. Read More

Kissing next to a topiary Cupid

Largo florida engagement photography | Viktoriia and James

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We’ve been in Florida for the better part of a year now, and we still can’t believe that it’s possible to go out and take photos full of greenery in the middle of December. But that’s just what we did with Viktoriia and James during their engagement session a few weeks ago at the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo. Couples down here are so lucky that they can enjoy a romantic walk in a garden of flowers all year round. But as always, two people in love stole the show out from under the most idyllic and colorful environment. Read More

Engagement photography with a dog at Honeymoon Island in Palm Harbor, Florida

Honeymoon Island Florida Engagement Photography | Kristen & Travis

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Earlier this month we joined Kristin and Travis on the beaches of Honeymoon Island for an engagement session by the light of the setting sun. It was a windy day, and as we walked down the grassy path toward the beach we could smell the salt in the air blowing in from the water. Kristin and Travis walked in front so we could take some candid photos - one thing I’ve noticed about engagement photography, you never have to tell the future bride and groom to hold hands. Read More

Couple embraces during engagement session near St Petersburg harbor at sunset

St Petersburg engagement photography | Staci and Joel

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We met up with Staci and Joel at Vinoy Park in St. Petersburg for their engagement photography. The setting of their first date - an eleven hour journey for two that never truly ended. As we waited in the parking lot, we kept one eye out for our future bride and groom, and we kept the other eye on the horizon where storm clouds were gathering over the ocean. We’ve heard it said that in Florida it will either rain… or it won’t. But it was becoming increasingly clear that this engagement photography session in St. Petersburg was going to be a little soggy. Sometimes prospective clients ask us what we’ll do if it rains, and we basically tell them that we’ll take some great photos of them getting wet! Read More

Couple hold each other wearing blue in the forest during their engagement session in Tarpon Springs Florida

Tarpon Springs Florida Engagement Photography | Amy & Luigi

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It was a beautiful evening at the Brooker Creek Preserve in Tarpon Springs. Even the insects Jake and I had encountered on our scouting trip were nowhere to be seen, as we trailed Amy and Luigi down the boardwalks. Watching them explore the park I was struck by their youthful excitement and sense of adventure, pointing at animals in the bushes and listening intently to Jake’s science “facts” about the wildlife they saw. They will have so many happy years together if they approach their upcoming marriage with the same enthusiasm and love that they showed during their engagement session. Read More

couple dancing on the steps of the Henry B Plant museum in Tampa, Florida during engagement photography session

Tampa Florida Engagement Photography | Marlene & Raul

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We always show up early for our photo sessions, partly to scout, partly so that we won’t feel rushed, and partly because you never know what the parking will be like. We waited on the enormous verandah, talking about how the light might look falling between stone pillars in an hour, and whether the construction crew on the far end of the building would later interfere with our compositions. The University of Tampa was as scenic as we had heard. The sun was well into the sky by now, but the morning air was still far from the heat of midday. Read More

Couple in front of flowering tree during engagement shoot in Boston

Boston, Massachusetts Engagement Photography | Maithili & Bob

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Maithili grew up in India and Bob in the Netherlands, but they wouldn’t meet until their lives took them both across the globe to Burlington, Vermont, where Bob was celebrating a friends wedding and Maithili was visiting a friend of her own. They met in a club where Maithili’s friend from Rwanda introduced them. They went their separate ways, but experienced a long distance falling-in-love. Instead of movies, dinners and walks in the park, they had skype, viber, whatsapp and imessaging. Read More

Couple sitting by Boston Common during engagement session

Boston, Beacon Hill Engagement Photography | Shrudi & Bhushan

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Shruti and Bhushan were such a wonderful couple to photograph. Though they looked beautiful and natural together, they exuded a shy playfulness that told me their relationship was still full of the excitement of exploration. As we walked together through the streets and alleys of Beacon Hill, they would often wander ahead of us, whispering, only rush back and tell us with a grin that they had another idea for a pose. Read More

Couple hold each other in front of winter sunset during engagement session

Natalie and LJ: Engagement Photography in Rye, New Hampshire

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Natalie and LJ reminded me so much of my husband and myself. Natalie and I had similar career backgrounds, and LJ’s love of hiking got him into a conversation with Jake right away. Their proposal even took place at Plum Island where we went on our first date. I knew immediately that the day of our shoot was going to be special. Some couples are awkward in front of a camera, but that Sunday in Rye, their intimate connection and affection for one another made everything so easy. My favorite moment came when I opened my mouth to tell LJ to brush a lock of hair back from Natalie’s face, but before the words could come out his hand was already there. Theirs is a love that inspires with its initiative. It can’t be faked and it can’t be hidden away. What a pleasure it was to be a part of their lives for a few hours. Read More