Rehearsal Dinner with Ella and Kyle on Honeymoon Island

They hadn’t even been married yet, but there they were on Honeymoon Island. Ella and Kyle asked us to photograph their rehearsal dinner, which was doubling as a family reunion before their wedding the next day (check back soon for those photos too!). After a couple walkthroughs of their ceremony at the Little White Chapel in Palm Harbor, everyone drove over to the beach pavillion at Honeymoon Island State Park, where they enjoyed a catered buffet dinner, a beautiful video the family put together of Ella and Kyle growing up and eventually meeting and falling in love, and, of course, wonderful ocean air and a beautiful sunset.

For us, it was a great opportunity to meet the people we would be photographing the next day at their wedding. It was also a lovely evening with lovely people. We even got to enjoy a little time on the beach alone together when we snuck off to photograph the sand dollar table settings in front of the waves. Romance for all!

Below are some of the images we captured of this special event. You can also check out Ella and Kyle’s engagement photos.

Honeymoonisland-florida-rehearsal-dinner-engagement-photography-9 Honeymoonisland-florida-rehearsal-dinner-engagement-photography-8 Honeymoonisland-florida-rehearsal-dinner-engagement-photography-7 Honeymoonisland-florida-rehearsal-dinner-engagement-photography-6 Honeymoonisland-florida-rehearsal-dinner-engagement-photography-5 Honeymoonisland-florida-rehearsal-dinner-engagement-photography-4 Honeymoonisland-florida-rehearsal-dinner-engagement-photography-3 Honeymoonisland-florida-rehearsal-dinner-engagement-photography-2

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