Lisa turns 100 (…days)!

lisa 100 days baby photography by

Today Lisa turned 100 days old! I didn’t know to celebrate the 100 days until my mother made a big deal of it, She  told me in Chinese tradition the 100th day of a child’s life is a big deal. Most of the Chinese parents will hire professional photographers to take photos on three major baby milestones: the 1st month, the 100th day and 1st year. And the 100 day baby photography been a big one, where almost all parents will seek out professional studios to mark their little one’s milestone. Mom said it’s a superstitious thing - but, hey, nobody wants to jinx their little baby and I certainly don’t want to miss out in celebrating the 100th-day milestone!

We went out and bought Lisa a cute dress from Target, and once we got her into it, she was all smiles (Jake says she really is my daughter — loves shopping for new dresses!) Happy 100th Lisa! — You still have a long and wonderful life ahead of you!

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