Tampa Florida Couples Photography | Allegra & Shawn

When we have a 9 AM shoot in Tampa we have to get up before the sunrises. Granted it’s a one hour drive, but we like to get there early and some of us rise more slowly than others. Ever since Jake stopped drinking coffee (except an occasional decaf) he’s been a little more groggy and a little less shaky. But by the time we make it down there he is usually energized and ready to go. We both get excited when we are taking photographs, which is a sign that we’re on the right path in life.


We were waiting on a bench in Curtis Hixon Park when Allegra and Shawn called our cell to say that they couldn’t see us. Luckily the park is pretty open, so a little searching and hand-waving solved the problem and we quickly got started, eager to make the most of what remained of the “cool” morning air.


Unfortunately our session was cut short when Jake had a little accident. He was climbing some stairs to get a better angle when he slipped and cut his shin open on the cement. I didn’t even realize anything was wrong until the happy couple stopped posing and started pointing and grimacing.


Long story made short, I kept shooting while Jake went off to look for a business that a) had a first aid kit, and b) was open on Saturday. When he returned he wanted to keep shooting, but upon seeing color of his sock, Allegra and Shawn insisted that he was better off going to the hospital. Seven stitches later he conceded that they may have had a point, though he was still thinking up things he could have said to convince them that he was fine. (Men)

Anyway, we thank Allegra and Shawn for their time and their good advice. It was a lot of fun while it lasted, and even though we didn’t get through all of the shots we had planned, we got some good ones. Hopefully we’ll cross their paths again sometime.

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