Fort DeSoto, St Petersburg Florida Couples Portrait Photography | Susie & Trevor

We love it when our clients want to do their shoot in the evening. Not only does it mean we don’t have to get up early, it also means it will be our last session of the day - and if no one is in a rush we like to stick around for a little sunset photography.

The couple walks in front of their photographersSusie and Trevor pose at Fort DeSotoCouples photography at Fort DeSoto Park

We’d been walking around Fort DeSoto for about an hour, and Susie and Trevor were doing great. They were so comfortable with one another, and we could tell from their playful interactions that they knew how to enjoy life. By the time the sun got low in the sky we felt we like had known them for a long time.

A portrait of Susie relaxing at the beachThe playful couple explores the beach at Fort DeSoto in FloridaRomantic moments for photography

This wasn’t our first time at Fort DeSoto, though it was our first session there with clients. We’d been there before while visiting Jakes parents in Florida on vacation from the cold New Hampshire winters. But we always want to do a little exploring, so we arrived early for a picnic dinner with a little extra time to look around. We found a section of beach accessed by a sandy path through the dunes. It couldn’t have been more perfect for photography. Walking through there with Susie and Trevor felt like exploring the pages of a magazine. And when we came to the beach there wasn’t another person within a quarter of a mile.

A photograph of Susie and Trevor on top of Fort DeSotoSusie and Trevor enjoy the view of the beachfrom before sunsetKissing for the photographerThe sun shines between our lovely couple in this photograph from Fort DeSoto, FloridaA black and white photograph of Susie and Trevor resting during their couples sessionFlorida sunshine catches Susie's eyesThe sunset approaches and we photograph them against a palm treeA good time exploring the park at with their photographers at Fort DesotoWalking down a dirt road, Susie and Trevor smile for the cameraThe couple embraces near the dunes by the Florida beachExploring the dunes together while their photographers take picturesAnother photograph of a kiss in peaceful Fort DeSoto ParkA couple of lovebirds rushing to the beach as sunset draws closer.A romantic photograph of Trevor holding Susie as the sun goes down in Florida

I think karma must have played a role. Our clients have all been such incredible people, and Susie and Trevor were shining examples. Susie is a teacher, and Trevor is a therapist for autistic children. Of course the universe granted them such a wonderful evening for their couples session. And we must have good karma too, because time after time we are lucky enough to meet people like these.

Classic walk on the beach photographyA couple sits in the sand while the waves crash in the background on this florida beachSusie and Trevor, Fort DeSoto, FloridaWe photographed this couple walking in the surf on this florida beachOur couple walks off into the sunset

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