Happy 4th

The temperature these last few days has been about 80 degrees at night, and at this stage in my pregnancy, hours sitting outside waiting for fireworks to start sounds uncomfortable at best.

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My Little Summer Gem

One of the nice things about Summer on the west coast of Florida is the lack of crowds. When we walk around our neighborhood the neighbors we see most often are cranes and egrets, and they just go about their business pecking at the ground.

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Happy Weekend | 18 Weeks Pregnant

At 18 weeks, I’m starting to look into sleeping positions because sleeping on my back is no longer an option, Jake and I (ok, mostly me) talked about investing in a baby bump body pillow, so after month of reading comments on amazon I’ve decided on this model: Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow, So far I’m pretty happy with the purchase, and sleeping on my side felt alot easier —

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