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Playing the guitar in front of a foot bridge in natural country setting

Tampa bay area editorial photography| Gracie

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It was a perfect day and a perfect subject for some headshots in natural light.

Every morning we go for a walk around the abandoned golf course behind our house. It may sound like a Scooby-Doo locale, but it’s actually quite beautiful, and we’re constantly saying things like “wouldn’t that be a great place for a photo shoot?” Well we were very excited when Gracie and her family asked us to take some head shots for a dance school Ms. Photogenic contest - and let us choose the location! We’ve never scouted a site so thoroughly before, but I can’t say there were no surprises… Read More

Wedding gown hanging from a tree in a field. There's nothing like nature!

Editorial Photography: A Wedding Dress in the Woods

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We took a wedding dress into the forest to try out a natural look

Jake and I have a surprisingly large number of wedding dresses in our house (four), especially compared to the number of weddings we had (one). The rationale for this ratio is, of course, photography. We keep a few wedding dresses on hand so that we can dress up our models if we want to do a bridal concept shoot. Last month we woke up on a particularly pleasant morning and decided to skip the model and just go photograph one of the dresses in the forest. Read More

Boho fashion photography in nature

Brandon Florida Fashion Photography | Paper Moon

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Boho Fashion Photography

Two things we have in abundance down here on the west coast of Florida are sunshine and natural beauty. We loved the way the golden sunlight shined through the fabric of Melissa’s dress late in this Autumn afternoon during our boho fashion shoot. It’s always such a pleasure to work outdoors, and we feel like we’ve done a good job when we get that warm sunny feeling just looking up at the computer screen. Read More

Beautiful woman on a grassy path wearing polka dot skirt.

Editorial Photography | Waiting for Fall

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I’ve always considered Fall to be the most beautiful season of the year. It’s true that we don’t get as much color down here in Florida as we used to get up in New Hampshire, but this week when the air cooled off for a few days I couldn’t help reminiscing about the baked apples my grandmother used to make with raisins and cinnamon when I was a child. Fall always makes me want to watch French movies, wander through crisp brown leaves, and cuddle up with Jake in the park… It’s a season of love stories and poetry. Read More

Beautiful geisha halloween costume with flowers and pink fabric

Tampa Bay Area Glamour Photography | Geisha

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For our latest Glamour session with Allison, I decided to create a Geisha inspired photoshoot, saturated in red, pink and purple. I ordered a beautiful pink Kimono, which Allison wore over her red dress. We shot the whole thing in our new home studio, and as time went by we started to experiment with the kimono, using it as a cloak, a blanket, and even a cover for an antique chair. Any prop we bring to a shoot is a great opportunity to get creative and have fun brainstorming new concepts.

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