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Rehearsal Dinner with Ella and Kyle on Honeymoon Island

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They hadn’t even been married yet, but there they were on Honeymoon Island. Ella and Kyle asked us to photograph their rehearsal dinner, which was doubling as a family reunion before their wedding the next day (check back soon for those photos too!). After a couple walkthroughs of their ceremony at the Little White Chapel in Palm Harbor, everyone drove over to the beach pavillion at Honeymoon Island State Park, where they enjoyed a catered buffet dinner, a beautiful video the family put together of Ella and Kyle growing up and eventually meeting and falling in love, and, of course, wonderful ocean air and a beautiful sunset. Read More


Daniel and Eli - Family Photography in Savannah, Georgia

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Last month while we were on our road trip we spent a night in Savannah on our way north. We always take photos while we travel, but this time we got to have a little extra fun by doing a family session with, Daniel and his son Eli. Daniel thought that Forsyth Park would be the best locaion for the shoot, and we immediately agreed. We’d been to Savannah once before and Forsyth Park has it all, beautiful grass, tall trees, and an enormous fountain. We wished we lived closer so that we could come back often once our child is born. Lucky for us there are plenty of lovely parks down here in Florida as well, and our kids will never want for a good photo shoot. Read More


Victor - Portrait Photography in Spring Hill, Florida

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When we met with Victor for his portrait session Jake asked him what occasion was prompting him to get his photos taken. He said there was no occasion, “I just thought I might want some nice photos of myself someday.” It was nice to hear that. Even though most of our clients want their photos to help them remember a special day or to celebrate an accomplishment, photography for photography’s sake might be the best reason of all (at least from the perspective of a photographer). It’s true that you never know when you might need a nice photo. Maybe someday that selfy you used for your profile photo just won’t cut it. Or maybe you’ll need something more professional for a job application. Besides, photo shoots are fun - They’re pretty much guaranteed to make you smile 😉 Read More


St Petersburg, Florida Graduation Photography | Brandy

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It’s May, and we want to wish good luck to everyone who is graduating this spring and embarking on the next road on their journey through life. Earlier this year we joined Brandy at Stetson University College of Law and took her graduation photos. College can be a very transformative experience, and it’s such an honor when we get to help someone preserve the memories of any important time in their lives. Read More

Couple rests in the grass during maternity photo session

Palm Harbor Florida Maternity Photography | Stephanie & Chris

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In November we joined Stephanie and Chris for an afternoon stroll through John Chesnut Park. The heat of the Florida Summer had only just let up, and a cool Autumn day was just what everyone needed. There was even a little color in the trees to remind us of New England. Between the trees we caught glimpses of deer resting in the grass. As we followed our subjects I stopped and took an occasional photo and Jake carried everyones things, including the teddy bear they had bought for their son Aiden, whose approaching arrival was the inspiration for the session. Read More

Couple at the beach for christmas photo with christmas lights wrapped around a bench

St Petersburg Holiday photography | Allyson and Austin

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Last month we got together with Allyson and Austin at St. Pete Beach for a holiday photography session. Nothing says “I’m in Florida” quite like Christmas photos taken on a sandy beach with palm trees in the background. And though this might be enough to make your friends and relations from cooler climes a little jealous, it does create the challenge of communicating that it is Christmas time. Allyson and Austin came up with a couple of creative ways to show that the smiles on their faces were in fact Christmas cheer. Read More

Black and white striped dress in a sunlit forest clearing

Gainesville Florida portrait photography | Devil’s Millhopper

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Portrait and Lifestyle photography in Gainesville Florida

We woke up early to Gainesville, Florida, driven to a famous sinkhole. Devil’s Millhopper is a limestone sinkhole whose steep vegetation covered slopes lead down to a turquoise pool. Several slender waterfalls tumble down to the otherwise tranquil surface. The site has been a destination for tourists looking for a shady day trip on a sunny day and for geologists seeking fossils from Florida’s ancient past. But what had caught my eye was a thin forest of tall straight trees with sunlight filtering through the trunks to the low brush under the canopy. Susie’s car arrived shortly after we pulled over and we all made our way into the rough for an nature inspired portrait photography session. Read More

Lifestyle photography in Gainesville Florida

Gainesville Florida portrait photography | Crossing

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Hey, look, we added a new section to the blog- the Style Book - and here’s the first entry. The whole idea of this shoot was to get into our model’s closet and play around with all the items in her wardrobe, mixing and matching and just having fun. I kept calling the shoot street fashion, knowing all to well that it was something far less candid (but far less awkward as well). Read More

Engagement photos at Stetson Law in Gulfport, Florida

Gulfport, St Petersburg Florida Family Photograher | Ellen & Jim

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Ellen and Jim had only been married for a few weeks when we met them. I wish we’d had the chance to photograph them as bride and groom, but that wasn’t meant to be - when they were planning their wedding we probably hadn’t started planning our move to Florida yet. Luckily for us, the venue they chose didn’t allow dogs, so a certain adorable and hairy member of their family will be conspicuously absent from their wedding album. You guessed it, their big and friendly dog, Rebel. Read More