Gulfport, St Petersburg Florida Family Photograher | Ellen & Jim

Engagement photos at Stetson Law in Gulfport, Florida

Ellen and Jim had only been married for a few weeks when we met them. I wish we’d had the chance to photograph them as bride and groom, but that wasn’t meant to be - when they were planning their wedding we probably hadn’t started planning our move to Florida yet. Luckily for us, the venue they chose didn’t allow dogs, so a certain adorable and hairy member of their family will be conspicuously absent from their wedding album. You guessed it, their big and friendly dog, Rebel.

The Newlyweds with their dog during their couples photography sessioncouple sits on a bench in Gulfport, FloridaRebel watches while Ellen and Jim share a romantic moment in front of their photographerA family portrait in Gulfport Florida

They chose to have their photos taken at the Stetson Law campus, with it’s beautiful architecture and peaceful surroundings. During the shoot we could hear the rumbling of distant thunder, but Jim assured us that it wouldn’t rain. Jim has lived in Florida his whole life, and he says that he can “smell” when it is going to rain. That seems like a useful ability to me, and I hope that Jake and I pick up on it soon because we are constantly keeping an eye on the sky when we work outdoors.

The couple relaxes in the grass for a photographFlorida sunshine makes for a good couples sessionEllen and Jim kiss by a fountain in Gulfportkissing for the camera in these two couples portraits.

As a couple they were so laid back. They weren’t nervous in front of the camera, and they chatted with us about their lives while we strolled along the walkways. You know you have a good job when working feels like hanging out, and talking business sounds like talking with old friends.

Ellen and Jim explore the university before sunset. Photograph taken from afarRebel gets between our couple as the kiss for the photographerEllen and Jim stay close as they explore Stetson in Gulfport, FloridaA black and white photograph of a couple relaxing together

It was a beautiful evening, and after walking around the University with Ellen, Jim and Rebel, we walked out into the brick streets to bask in the golden light of the sunset. The colors were surreal, and watching the the couple and their dog walking down the road I felt very peaceful and content in the moment. Even Rebel never barked once during our session, so maybe Ellen and Jim just have that effect on people.

Oh well ;) A couple poses for their photographer in GulfportEllen and Jim keep a leash on their dog while the photographer takes their pictureA series of photos of a couple playing with their dogJim gets a kiss on the cheek  during his couples photography session

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