First Aid Kit: Our Newest Photography Accessory

The first aid kit we bring with us on photoshoots

Ever since I cut my leg on during a couples photography session we have made an effort to be a little more safety conscious. Obviously preventing me from falling down and hurting myself will be a long and difficult journey well beyond the scope of a single blog post, so we’re going to focus more energy on patching me up afterward.

Introducing our new first aid kit!

Our first aid kit

And of course it could also be used to patch up Dannie, a customer, or some injured stranger we just happen to encounter on a photo shoot. We wanted to bring the first aid kit with us on every photo shoot, so to keep it small we looked online to find out some of the essentials that should be included in every first aid kit. Here’s what we have in ours (this list contains affiliate links and we will receive commissions if you purchase through those links):

Adhesive Bandages

We packed a variety of sizes so that we can be sure to cover any scrapes we might encounter. They’re skin colored so they’ll be easier to photoshop out later.

Gauze Pads

We opted to spend a little extra on these non-stick pads because there’s nothing worse than peeling of a bandage and having it reopen the cut. These ones work great, they don’t stick at all, and they’re pretty absorbent.

Antibiotic Ointment

A little Neosporin under the bandage helps prevent infection, and speeds recovery (or so I’m told). The one pictured above also boasts that it relieves pain, but you’ll forgive me if I don’t personally test this particular feature (though I’ll try to report back if/when I need to make use of it). Just make sure you don’t get it on the sticky part of a bandage because it’s greasy and it will keep the adhesive from holding.

Alcohol Swabs

You can use these to sterilize minor cuts to prevent infection. It stings a bit, but that’s how you know it’s working ;)

Waterproof Medical Tape

This is to hold on the gauze pad. If you have hairy legs it can be a pain to remove, but it beats having the bandage fall off. Make sure it’s waterproof so it won’t fall of when you sweat (this is important down here in Florida). In a pinch you can also use this to hold clothing in place during a photography session, though it’s not ideal because it’s actually a little too sticky.

Self Adhering Bandage Wrap

This is also for holding on bandages, and it can apply a little pressure to help stop bleeding too. I haven’t tried other brands, but I know the Coach ones hold to themselves pretty tight. If you’re still worried it will come undone, you can use some of the medical tape.


Bandage the wrong size or shape? No problem. Perhaps they could also be used for an emergency haircut.


These can get a splinter out. They can also be used to meticulously place fine details for macro photography - just make sure you sterilize them before putting them back in the first aid kit.


Aspirin can reduce fever and pain. It’s good for a headache or if your knees are sore from squatting to get the right angle on a shot.

Pre-Assembled First Aid Kit

If you don’t feel like buying all this stuff individually, you can just buy one of many pre-assembled kits. The one in the link above doesn’t exactly match our home made kit, but most first aid kits you buy will prepare you to deal with minor injuries. (Note: I have not personally tried the particular kit above, but it has high reviews on If you have tried this kit, please comment below so that others can benefit from your experience.)

Hopefully you find this helpful. Of course no first aid kit will fix every injury, so it’s always best to have a cell phone handy in case of real emergencies.

Our first aid kit

Can you think of any other creative ways to use first aid kit components on a photo shoot?

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