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Kissing next to a topiary Cupid

Largo florida engagement photography | Viktoriia and James

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We’ve been in Florida for the better part of a year now, and we still can’t believe that it’s possible to go out and take photos full of greenery in the middle of December. But that’s just what we did with Viktoriia and James during their engagement session a few weeks ago at the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo. Couples down here are so lucky that they can enjoy a romantic walk in a garden of flowers all year round. But as always, two people in love stole the show out from under the most idyllic and colorful environment. Read More

Playing the guitar in front of a foot bridge in natural country setting

Tampa bay area Pageant Headshots | Gracie

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It was a perfect day and a perfect subject for some headshots in natural light.

Every morning we go for a walk around the abandoned golf course behind our house. It may sound like a Scooby-Doo locale, but it’s actually quite beautiful, and we’re constantly saying things like “wouldn’t that be a great place for a photo shoot?” Well we were very excited when Gracie and her family asked us to take some head shots for a dance school Ms. Photogenic contest - and let us choose the location! We’ve never scouted a site so thoroughly before, but I can’t say there were no surprises… Read More

Wedding gown hanging from a tree in a field. There's nothing like nature!

A Wedding Dress in the Woods

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We took a wedding dress into the forest to try out a natural look

Jake and I have a surprisingly large number of wedding dresses in our house (four), especially compared to the number of weddings we had (one). The rationale for this ratio is, of course, photography. We keep a few wedding dresses on hand so that we can dress up our models if we want to do a bridal concept shoot. Last month we woke up on a particularly pleasant morning and decided to skip the model and just go photograph one of the dresses in the forest. Read More