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Our beach bridal concept shoot was featured on Love and Wander

Featured on Love and Wander

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We are so happy to announce that our bridal concept shoot has been featured on Love + Wander.

Most of the brides looking into a wedding photographer aren’t aware of “concept shoots” where photographer works with model(s) to create an ideal shoot he/she would love to have in their portfolio. Shoots like this happen because the photographer’s aesthetics might be different than what he/she usually get hired to shoot.

For example, we love to shoot fashion/editorials which involves “fashion” retouching, but we don’t want to “scare” our wedding clients away with only these for portfolios — unlike fashion photography, for portrait and wedding photography the tone of the shoot and style of retouching are very different, fashion is about crafting an ideal image, where portrait and wedding is about making sure your subject(s) looks good, retouched lightly to retain their own unique features :)

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, we want to showcase what we can do in the only way we know how — conceptual bridal photographs. That way we get to show off our skills and brides get to see what we can produce — it’s a win-win. And what’s even better is to have our concept shots featured on other websites. So far our concept bridal shoot has been featured on Kate Aspen, Love + Wander, and this coming spring —