Edge of Day (Part 2)

model on beach at sunset with umbrella

As the sun drew closer to the horizon we walked down the beach, our feet sinking into the sand. Allison walked ahead of us in her beautiful white dress. Every now and then we stopped her when the moment looked right. We had walked a long way to get here since the parking lot was closed, but though our legs were tired the beach all but deserted, and soon only the herons and the gulls were watching us.

Model Allison walks on beach in white dress with green umbrellaFashion photos on the beach at fort DeSoto, FloridaAllison poses before sunset in Florida Fashion photosModel in beautiful white dress in Florida sunshineModel sits in sand holding umbrella at the beach

There was no wind, so when we waded out into the cove the water was calm. Warm ripples wrapped around our model’s ankles and we could see fish jumping in the shallows, landing with a splash that sent droplets flying through the orange light of the sunset. Photographer paradise!

Allison shades herself under green umbrella near the ocean

The tide was rising quickly, and the light was disappearing all around us, so we wrapped up our last set of photos and packed up. By the time we reached our cars it was completely dark out.

When I was young and my parents owned a clothing store in Manhattan I assumed that I would become a fashion designer. I struggled for a long time with design, and wound up doing graphic design and photography, but now, ten years later I feel that I’ve come full circle, and I know that I enjoy photographing fashion far more than I would have enjoyed designing it. I’m so glad that I kept thinking about fashion while I learned my strengths and weaknesses and sharpened my skills. No matter what your talents and no matter what your passions, if you follow them both they will take you to where you need to be.

black and white photo of model at the beach in Fort DeSoto Florida

This was the second post of a two part series. Check out Edge of Day (Part 1). Also check out our other session with Allison, A Fresh Look at Gulfport.

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