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Our Love Affair with PPA Insurance

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No, the photo above is not Dannie and I kissing the PPA on the beach, but in a way it does represent the moment we stopped being “just friends” - it’s the last photo ever taken by my good ol’ Nikon D800 Camera and the attached Nikon 70-200mm zoom lens. Moments later they went on an amazing adventure on the Gulf of Mexico, at about two feet below sea level… Read More

Makeup for natural beauty boho look

Natural Makeup for Photography

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On Monday we published “Paper Moon,” our boho fashion shoot with Melissa. One of the reasons I love boho style so much is its natural, free-spirit appeal; think of the photos you see for Free People or Anthropologie. But as you might have guessed that carefree look in the catalogs is actually carefully crafted. For our photo session we worked with makeup artist Joan Allen (who has several fashion shows and even NYC fashion week under her belt). We’re glad that our cameras bring out every beautiful detail of our subjects’ faces, but they also bring out the details of every bump and pore, and that’s why makeup is still important for our fashion photos. For this shoot, Joan didn’t just do the makeup, she took us to school on how she was doing it so we could tell our readers how they can get that “natural” look on their own… Read More

Mother and son halloween costumes: Skeleton and Sorceress

Get Ready for Halloween

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I’ve been seeing more and more pumpkins outside lately, which means it must be getting closer to Halloween. We haven’t decided what how we’re going to dress up around here yet, but a few weeks ago we did use the holiday as an excuse to take some fun photos. We invited two of our models to dress up for us, and we enlisted the help of makeup artist Joan Allen to create some photos that don’t conform to the conventional styles we shoot every day. Read More

October 2014 Stitch Fix Review

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This was by far my best order yet from Stitch Fix! Jake and I were just talking about fashion photography, and how in most of the photos it’s not so much about the model as it is about putting the clothes in a location. If I were about to jet off to some exotic land I would probably pack everything Stitch Fix sent me this month. When we first started ordering from Stitch Fix - a service that sends you 5 pieces of clothing and gives you 3 days to try them on before purchasing the ones you like and returning the ones you don’t - I swore that I would only purchase one item per box, even though you get a 25% discount if you buy the whole thing. Keep reading to find out how that went this month. Read More

This image of Natalie and LJ's engagement session was recovered with help from our Lexar software

Lexar Professional CF Cards

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All of our CF cards (those are the cards that our photos are stored in until we upload them from our cameras), are Lexar Professional CompactFlash Cards.

We used to use a sort of random assortment of cards that we had acquired along the way, until one day back up in New Hampshire when Lexar really came through for us. We lost an image that we had taken on a Lexar card, and we thought we were totally out of luck. Now, I know this sounds like a strike against Lexar, but that’s only because you don’t have all the details yet.
Read More

How we displayed our photos with an inexpensive diy

A Simple (and Inexpensive) DIY to Display Photos

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Ever since Jake and I reorganized our office it has been bothering us that the walls are a little bare. I mean, we’re photographers - we have so many photos, especially since we’ve been making a point of taking more photos of ourselves. I’ve always considered myself to be a fairly creative person, and when I have a camera in my hand or when I’m in front of my computer, I am. Jake is too. But when the time comes to envision decor solutions for my walls, I just draw a bit of a blank. I see so many beautiful home makeovers on Pinterest, then I look at my own home and wonder why it doesn’t come as naturally to me as photography. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you can be creative in one area and in other areas… not so much. That’s why I was so pleased with myself when I came up with a simple way to display some photographs that looks really nice, cost almost nothing after the prints, and (with Jake’s help) only took half an hour to set up. Read More

A Free printable DIY Instagram Wedding Sign for Budget Brides

DIY Instagram Wedding Sign

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Back in the day when I used to mainly do graphic design and assist on photo shoots, clients I designed for would sometimes come to me with questions about photography. Now that I’m a full time photographer, I sometimes get questions from clients about graphic problems they are having. I loved my experience in the graphic design industry, so I like to help with these questions whenever possible. Read More

How to make a DIY fringed tissue paper backdrop with paper flowers

DIY Photo Booth Backdrop With Fringed Tissue Paper

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Since August gets pretty hot down here in Florida we thought it might be nice to take some photos indoors this week. We decided to construct a DIY backdrop for an indoor photo booth. We bought some colorful tissue paper at the local Target. If we’d had more time we would have bought a pack with better price and variety from Amazon.

For our first photo booth DIY I decided to keep things simple. I know a craft project is simple when I show the idea to Jake and he doesn’t walk away muttering. I went with a fringed tissue paper backdrop with tissue paper flowers. Read More

Jake takes a copyrighted photo on the beach

Photography, Ownership, Copyright and Releases

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We wanted to discuss copyright, ownership of images, print releases and model releases these are some of the most widely misunderstood subjects among photography customers. Keep in mind that we are not lawyers, and nothing we say should be taken as legal advice. Most of what you see here is paraphrased from the PPA website, a resource for professional photographers. After reading this post we hope that you will walk away with a better understanding of who owns photos and what you and your photographer are each allowed to do with them. Knowing the terminology related to these issues will help you to build trust between you and your photographer. Read More