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Wedding gown hanging from a tree in a field. There's nothing like nature!

A Wedding Dress in the Woods

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We took a wedding dress into the forest to try out a natural look

Jake and I have a surprisingly large number of wedding dresses in our house (four), especially compared to the number of weddings we had (one). The rationale for this ratio is, of course, photography. We keep a few wedding dresses on hand so that we can dress up our models if we want to do a bridal concept shoot. Last month we woke up on a particularly pleasant morning and decided to skip the model and just go photograph one of the dresses in the forest. Read More

Marlene and Raul on the stage during their wedding venue walkthrough in Tampa, Florida

Venue Walkthrough: Marlene and Raul

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On Saturday morning we met up with Marlene and Raul again for our walkthrough of their their wedding venue, T-Pepin’s Hospitality Centre. Wedding venue walkthroughs are more than just glorified scouting trips. True, we have our eyes open the entire time, looking out for potential photographic opportunities like beautiful manicured gardens, reflective tile floors and mirrors, and useful ambient light setups (all of which we saw on Saturday). But it’s really more about the clients than the location. What they see in the venue is more important than what we see, because they chose it for a reason, and whatever that reason was, it’s our job to make sure that we capture it. Read More

Bride in white looking out window

Flower in the Garden: Bridal Photography

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One of my favorite parts about wedding photography is the bridal preparations. The bride and her bridesmaids are encapsulated in a dreamy little bubble together, they are happy, sexy, confident, and of course full of nerves and excitement. It’s a great opportunity to capture the emotions that make the day special. It’s also an opportunity to see a woman transform herself into the beautiful bride she has been imagining for so long. Many women put more effort into their appearance on their wedding day than on any other day in their lives. To this end they sometimes hire a professional makeup artist, which I think is a great idea. Read More

Bride and groom embrace on a bridge in Jackson New Hampshire

Natalie and LJ: Wedding Photography in Jackson, New Hampshire

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We had the honor of photographing Natalie and LJ’s wedding. Set in scenic Jackson, NH, the wedding day was blessed with beautiful weather and kind people. The ice had nearly vanished by mid April, and the snow melt was rushing down the river by the church. Natalie and LJ did their vows before God and family, and it was such a pleasure to capture the love and commitment so palpable between this couple. What wonderful families were united on this wonderful day. Read More