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Dannie browses through sample albums on the convention floor at Imaging USA 2015 in Nashville

Our First Day at Imaging USA

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We told you last week that we would be attending Imaging USA 2015, and now… we have arrived! Our first day was packed, and now we’re back in our Airbnb room, watching the Superbowl and kicking our feet up. Here’s a quick round up of what we did.

First we watched a presentation by another pair of young photographers named Zack and Jody Gray. Their presentation was entitled: How to Avoid What Most Small Businesses Do: Fail. We were certainly interested in not failing, but the talk was more about steps for success (which I think would have made a much more uplifting title). One lesson that we decided to take to heart was the importance of focusing on one type of photography. It’s harder to do than you think when there are so many that we enjoy.

We then watched a presentation by Zabrina Deng and Jeremy Chan, who built a business on Asian “Pre-Wedding” photo shoots, which are like engagement sessions except that they last all day and usually cost more than wedding photography. They do them all over the world for clients who want to be photographed in their wedding attire exploring exotic locations. Count us in. We would love to incorporate something like this into our repertoire.

After the morning lessons we headed to the convention floor to walk the gauntlet of vendors. Printers and proofers, cameras and lenses, lights and lightboxes. Everything that a photographer might buy, rent or hire was ours to shop for, ask about, or slowly and politely back away from. We even got to try out some new gear we were thinking about buying.

Tomorrow we’ve got a lot more planned, so check back in.

Jake is excited to hitch a ride to Imaging USA

One Week until Imaging USA 2015

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In just seven days we’ll be packing our gear into our car and driving up to Nashville for PPA’s Imaging USA.

Imaging USA is the Professional Photographers of America‘s annual conference and Dannie and I will be joining them this year. We have full access passes, and the two of us will spend 4 days schmoozing with our peers, taking in lectures, perusing printers and maybe, just maybe, taking a few pictures. We’ve made Airbnb reservations for five nights in Nashville and we’ll be reporting each day on who we’ve seen and what we’ve learned. Our first year in business in Florida has gone better than we expected, and if we want to continue to exceed ourselves, we’ll have to take advantage of resources like this to keep improving. Read More

Our Love Affair with PPA Insurance

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No, the photo above is not Dannie and I kissing the PPA on the beach, but in a way it does represent the moment we stopped being “just friends” - it’s the last photo ever taken by my good ol’ Nikon D800 Camera and the attached Nikon 70-200mm zoom lens. Moments later they went on an amazing adventure on the Gulf of Mexico, at about two feet below sea level… Read More

Marlene and Raul on the stage during their wedding venue walkthrough in Tampa, Florida

Venue Walkthrough: Marlene and Raul

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On Saturday morning we met up with Marlene and Raul again for our walkthrough of their their wedding venue, T-Pepin’s Hospitality Centre. Wedding venue walkthroughs are more than just glorified scouting trips. True, we have our eyes open the entire time, looking out for potential photographic opportunities like beautiful manicured gardens, reflective tile floors and mirrors, and useful ambient light setups (all of which we saw on Saturday). But it’s really more about the clients than the location. What they see in the venue is more important than what we see, because they chose it for a reason, and whatever that reason was, it’s our job to make sure that we capture it. Read More

Integrating Living and Working Space

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A while ago Jake and I decided to create a home studio space. We both love natural light and on location photography, but let’s face it, sometimes there’s a shot that you just can’t take without a controlled environment. Renting a studio is impractical for us due to the cost and the area we live in, so we just had to decide where in the home to put it. There was just one problem; every room in the house was already in use.

Our first impulse was to empty out the garage and put up some lighting, but after attempting a few sweaty photo shoots in there we determined that an unairconditioned garage was not the best place to make someone look or feel beautiful. The bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and office were out of the question as well, which left just our living room. Once we gave it some thought it seemed like it should have been obvious from the beginning. The living room is big and it has a high ceiling, with large windows that let in beautiful diffuse light during the day. Plus we almost never use it since we don’t watch TV and we spend most of our time in the kitchen and the office. We got started right away. Read More

Attractive young couple kissing on a boardwalk in the park

Preserving Memories

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Sometimes I like to reflect on why we do what we do, and why people want us to do it. People hire photographers for special times in their lives, not because those times are more beautiful than other times, but because those special times are fleeting and they want to preserve the memories. Read More