Gainesville Florida Portrait Photography | Devil’s Millhopper

Portrait and Lifestyle photography in Gainesville Florida

We woke up early to Gainesville, Florida, driven to a famous sinkhole. Devil’s Millhopper is a limestone sinkhole whose steep vegetation covered slopes lead down to a turquoise pool. Several slender waterfalls tumble down to the otherwise tranquil surface. The site has been a destination for tourists looking for a shady day trip on a sunny day and for geologists seeking fossils from Florida’s ancient past. But what had caught my eye was a thin forest of tall straight trees with sunlight filtering through the trunks to the low brush under the canopy. Susie’s car arrived shortly after we pulled over and we all made our way into the rough for an nature inspired portrait photography session.

We’ve always loved outdoor photography. It’s where we got our start. And even though I’ve never loved trudging through the woods like Jake does and I’m a little afraid of heights, I still think our eyes are most keenly attuned to spotting beautiful scenery in the wilderness. Now we try to mix that with portrait and lifestyle photography and it gets us a lot of great results (and a lot of good times).

Climbing stairs with water reflecting the forest canopy in the background

Looking out over gorge in Gainesville Florida lifestyle session
Leaning on a railing in a striped dress under trees
Red haired woman in striped dress leans over railing in the forest
Woman in striped dress enjoys the forest view during lifestyle photo session

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