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Hey, look, we added a new section to the blog- the Style Book - and here’s the first entry. The whole idea of this shoot was to get into our model’s closet and play around with all the items in her wardrobe, mixing and matching and just having fun. I kept calling the shoot street fashion, knowing all to well that it was something far less candid (but far less awkward as well).

Breakfast with sunshine and a pink purse by #JakeandDannie
In a straw fedora by #JakeandDannie

We collaborated with Susie early on a fall morning in her hometown of Gainesville, Florida. We’re still a bit new to the south and still getting acquainted with the concept of beautiful warm sunshine late in October.

Hanging out in a polka dot dress by #JakeandDannie
Polka dot dress and a pink purse by #JakeandDannie
Pretty in polka dots by #JakeandDannie

Our first Style Book shoot resulted in a much more “fashion-blogger” kind of tone. It’s not exactly portrait and it’s not exactly candid, but we had a great time expanding our style and exploring downtown Gainesville. I love how our images came out, plus I got to try a deluxe popsicle.

Polka dots and a straw hat by #JakeandDannie
Straw hat in hand by #JakeandDannie
Black and white polka dots by #JakeandDannieCrossing the road in a polka dot dress by #JakeandDannie

Moving to the sunshine state has been the biggest and best decision we have made as a family. I often feel so happy, grateful, and just gennerally excited for everything we’re working on right now… Florida is an incredible place for beautiful nature and beautiful friendly people. we’ve met so many wonderful clients and models and we’re surrounded by such an amazing creative energy that every day feels like a new opportunity. It just makes me want to wake up each morning and create, create, create. Thank you everyone for all the support.

Much love,


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