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There’s something about a sunset on the beach! When you look out into the ocean it feels like you can see to the end of the world, and when the sun drops down below the horizon it reminds you that the world goes on beyond what you can see. Also there are lots of pretty colors, and that’s the main attraction to out door Portrait and wedding photographers like us. We spent an splendid sunset with Allison, exploring the beautiful beach at Fort DeSoto Beach in St Petersburg, Florida, and watching the sun make its way down the sky until it finally met the waves and disappeared.




It takes a new level of skills to be an outdoor portrait photographer, there’s a lot of work that goes into a photo session like this - coming up with a over all concept and mood (pick a theme of the shoot, kind like a movie production, it will ensure the rest of it … lighting, location, wardrobe … goes along with it.), getting everyone together on time (since natural lighting is THE MOST important aspect of an outdoor portrait shoot), picking an outfit (working with your client to make sure what they wear doesn’t clash with the environment), choosing a location (based on outfit and theme), consulting tidal charts (if we are shooting into the water), and of course taking and editing the photographs - and there’s a lot that can (and probably will) go wrong - schedule conflicts, misreading tidal charts, other park visitors in the way, and of course mosquitos, thousands of mosquitos - but when it’s all over and we look over the images we produce, we remember why we did it all.






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