Gulfport’s Tuesday Fresh Market

A loaf of bread purchased at the Tuesday Fresh Market in Gulfport, Florida

On Tuesday there is a Farmer’s Market in the Waterfront District of Gulfport. I’ve loved this place ever since Jake’s parents introduced us to this place a few years ago (during one of our wintery visits). With all that’s been happening with our new home and business, we’ve been forgetting to get out and enjoy ourselves once in a while. Well at the beginning of this week I marked my calendar and Jake and I took off for Gulfport. It’s a beautiful place to walk around, with plenty of shade on the sidewalks.

There weren’t quite as many kiosks as we saw at the Saturday Morning Market in St. Petersburg, but it was less crowded and more relaxed which made for a very pleasant experience.

We wound up buying a loaf of multi-grain bread from a stand set up by Linda’s Bakery. The bread was freshly baked by Linda in the morning and from the weight of the loaf I have a feeling it will be nice and hearty, and I can’t wait to give it a try tonight.


Whenever we go to Gulfport I like to visit a cafe called T and Me, which is tucked away in a little alcove called the Art Village Courtyard. We like it a lot because of the friendly service and a better than average vegetarian selection on their menu. And it doesn’t hurt that their prices are super reasonable and they have a huge selection of Teas. This afternoon I ordered the “Savory Tiffany Tart” and Jake got the Breakfast Sandwich, they were both so yummy — the Tiffany Tart has become my new favorite.


The Waterfront District is so beautiful that I can’t help but fantasize about one day opening a studio in one of the buildings there and living in an apartment up above it. Of course I love the home I live in now, but to be surrounded by so much positive energy everyday must be wonderful.

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