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Recent Posts


Tampa Bay Area Glamour Photography - Angela

| Glamour and fashion photography, Portfolio | No Comments

We’re excited to finally show off the great photo shoot we had with Angela. We also worked with makeup artist, Joan Allen to create this beautiful blue themed glamour session…

Kissing next to a topiary Cupid

Largo florida engagement photography | Viktoriia and James

| Portfolio | No Comments

We’ve been in Florida for the better part of a year now, and we still can’t believe that it’s possible to go out and take photos full of greenery in…

Three photos from posts published in November and December

November December 2014 Monthly Blog Report

| Monthly Blog Report | No Comments

Hello Jake and Dannie readers. It’s about time for me (Jake) to discuss what’s been going on here on the blog over the last couple months. Since we had a…

A bride looks out the window wearing her wedding dress.

One Window, Many Views: Bridal Photography

| Portfolio, Wedding and Bridal | No Comments

Sometimes Jake and I will look at a the same thing - the same person, the same room, the same light - and we’ll see very different photos. We knew…