A Birthday on the Move

Jake and I have worked hard to build our business together, but no one gets anywhere in this world without people helping them along the way. We have a long way to go before Jake and Dannie Studio is everything we hope it will be, but we wouldn’t have made it as far as we have if it weren’t for he help of my Mother, Karen. She has been by our side almost from the beginning of this adventure, helping us around the house and making sure that dinner is always ready for us when we get home. We get to spend more time on our photography, on our blog, and on our clients because my mother invests her time and her energy in our family.

My mother Karen has been a big help for Jake and I in our photography business

When we went to St. Augustine this week (more on that to come) we invited her to come with us and we threw her a little party the second night. Technically her birthday isn’t until September, but she’ll be away and we wanted to make sure we celebrated with her before she left. She never asks for anything from us, but we wanted to give her credit here on the blog because we owe her a debt that we can’t repay, except by thanking her and loving her like only family can.

Two photos of the desert we bought to celebrate my mother's birthday party

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