Flower in the Garden

Bridal Photography Workshop

One of my favorite parts about wedding photography is the bridal preparations. The bride and her bridesmaids are encapsulated in a dreamy little bubble together, they are happy, sexy, confident, and of course full of nerves and excitement. It’s a great opportunity to capture the emotions that make the day special. It’s also an opportunity to see a woman transform herself into the beautiful bride she has been imagining for so long. For this bridal photography workshop I bought together just that, a vintage glamour of a bride waiting for the time to arrive

Bride getting ready.

A bride getting ready in front of the mirror. Black and white.
Bride looking through veil.

A bride contemplates her wedding while waiting in the garden
A beautiful bride wears her wedding gown with a long veil
A bride in the garden waits for her wedding

A bride in white looks out a fogged window into the garden

Thanks to everyone involved in making these beautiful photos happen.

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