Our Trip to Savannah (Day 2)

This is the second post of our series about our anniversary trip to Savannah. Read about Day 1.

On our second morning we stumbled out of our bedroom and were greeted by our Airbnb host Sue, who offered us some hot tea. She made us a breakfast of vegetable frittatas served with corn tortillas and roasted brussels sprouts and tomatoes (she said the tomatoes were just to give it a little color). Sue was a great cook, and if I lived closer to her I would probably start a food blog starring her. While we ate we told her about our plans for the day and she told us where we could get free parking.

Dannie drinks tea while relaxing in our Airbnb house in Savannah GeorogiaTwo photos of a furry cat getting some attention

Sue shows off her two cats to us photographers on our trip to SavannahOur Airbnb host made us a delicious vegetable frittata for breakfast. I took a picturetwo photos of the vegetable frittata and the brussels sprouts and tomatoes we had on the second day in Savannah, Georgiatortilla shells that were served with the vegetable frittata we had for breakfastBrussels sprouts, roasted tomatoes and frittata, served by our Airbnb host, sue

We did some touring the day before, but today I had a list of places to visit that I’d been researching. We parked on the southern end of Forsyth park, just like Sue told us, and we walked north through up a beautiful paved path through rows of trees and up to a giant fountain where Jake took some photos of me. We kept going north out of the park and walked through a few of the many scenic squares that dot the city, filled with statues and old crooked trees. Eventually we reached Broughton Street, which is lined with shops and restaurants I’d read about before the trip.

rows of live oaks line the path through Forsyth park in Savannah Georgia. Dannie poses for a photoA horse drawn carriage in the streets of savannah and flowers blossoming through spanish mossDannie walks down a shady path and strikes a fashion photography pose in Forsyth ParkDannie looks up at the old buildings in a square in Savannah GeorgiaRelaxing outside the Paris Market in Savannah Georgia. Nice outdoor seating at the quaint cafe

Jake and I were getting hungry, so our first stop was a cafe called Goose Feathers, where we ordered sandwiches and sodas while we cooled off inside. After that we walked to the Paris Market, a parisian style cafe/shop loaded with jewelry, soaps, perfumes, knickknacks and table settings. If I ever own a store I want it to be like this one! They even had macaroons. If I ever go to Paris I’ll be bringing home a big box of macaroons from Laduree. We also went to The Savannah Bee Company for free samples of honey, and we went to Leopold’s for their famous ice cream.

Dannie walks into the paris cafe to do a little shopping. Jake had to handle the travel photography while she was in thereSome photos of Dannie exploring the interior of the Paris Market, a cafe slash souvenir shop in Savannah GeorgiaDannie looks at goods on a shelf behind a chandelier, and she goes down the stairs to the lower level of the Paris CafeDannie looks through a magnifying glass and relaxes in the corner of the paris market in savannah Georgia. Three photosA vegetarian sandwich we ordered at Goose Feathers cafe in Savannah GeorgiaJake eats a sandwich in Goose feathers in one photo, and a plant sits in a red vase by the window in anotherRows of bottles of honey in the savannah bee company in georgiaFree samples of honey in the savannah bee companyDannie tries free samples of honey and poses for travel photos in savannah bee companythe cashier and boxes of honey products in the Savannah Bee CompanyThe savannah bee company had free samples of honeycomb served on apple with bleu cheeseshelves covered with bottles of honey in the Savannah bee company

On our way back to the car we passed a woman who was handing out parrots. Well, not handing them out exactly, but letting people hold them. Her name was Jill and she runs Wings of Joy, which she describes as a ministry that brings beautiful and intelligent birds to hospitals, nursing homes and schools to cheer people up. It’s kind of like therapy dogs with feathers. She decked Jake out in parrots and it certainly seemed to cheer him up. Unfortunately she doesn’t have a website, but we wanted to giver her a shout out anyway.

Dannie strikes a pose in front of some foliage as we walk through the streets of savannahJake pets a parrot in Forsyth ParkA woman holds a beautiful parrot in Forsyth Park in Savannah GeorgiaJake gets loaded up with parrots in Forsyth Park travel photoone more Forsyth Park travel photo of Jake covered in Parrots. Savannah GeorgiaAn african gray parrot which is apparently very intelligent for a bird. travel photo from Savannah Georgia

Our next stop was the Wormsloe Historic Site, an old colonial plantation that is famous for a mile and a half long road lined with twisted oak trees. As we were leaving a storm was rolling in and we got this picture. A car’s headlights blurred in the distance made it look like a tunnel into another dimension. While we waited out the storm we got dinner at Corleone’s, an Italian restaurant in downtown Savannah. Since Jake had put up with my girly shopping all day, we ordered some of his favorite dishes to share for dinner. He got a baked ziti, I got eggplant parmesan, and we shared a bruschetta. For desert we had creme brulee, which was the desert that Jake and I ate on our wedding day. Sweet memories. We decided that we would have creme brulee on our anniversary every year from now on.

Headlights at the end of a tunnel of live oaks at Wormsloe Historic Site in Savannah Georgia. In this photo an incoming storm made everything darkOur Dinner at Corleone's restaurant in Savannah Georgia. We always try to take photos of our food when we're on vacation

By the time dinner was over the rain had stopped and we headed to Tybee Island Beach, east of the city. We took some pictures while it was light out, then decided to end our trip just walking in the sand together until it got dark.

At home we spend so much time working on our business and thinking about the future, but visiting an old city like Savannah it was easy to get caught up in the past. Walking on the beach with Jake it was nice to spend a moment in the present - just the two of us together in the moment. My father was always thinking about the future and he was so obsessed with his plans that he was never there for us, and eventually it cost him his family. Sometimes when I’m busy I have to remind myself of this because I have a family of my own now, and as much as I enjoy what I do, it can never replace the people I love. That sunset was picture perfect but, on our anniversary I was happy to have dropped the camera off in the car to spend some time walking with Jake, thinking about nothing but the sand under my feet, the wind in my hair, and his hand in mine.

The dunes at Tybee Island beach in Savannah. The sun shines through the grass as sunset approachesFour photos of Dannie exploring the beach on Tybee Island before sunsetA photo of the grass by the beach with Dannie walking toward the ocean in the backgroundThree selfies of Jake and Dannie on the beach at Tybee Island in Savannah GeorgiaA lighthouse on Tybee Island as the sun begins to set behind the photographer

If you missed day 1 of our Savannah Trip, click the image below to jump to day 1

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