Life Lately | 22 Weeks Pregnant

I’ve just celebrated my 33rd birthday last week. Jake surprised me with a wonderful babymoon roadtrip. There were many things I am grateful for this year, but none tops my pregnancy! And finding out the gender of the little baby I’ve been carrying is the best birthday present of all. Jake’s parents got me a baby gender reveal cake — apparently those things are popular. You can guess from the color of the frosting what I’m having (her name will be Lisa).

On a less glamorous note, I’m beginning to experience swollen hands and feet. I realized this just in time to get my wedding ring off before it was too late! I’ve heard that some pregnant women had to have their wedding ring cut off at the emergency room. Luckily I escaped with (with Jake’s help) and now the ring is hanging from a chain around my neck.

Overall, I’m really grateful for everyone’s love & support!

Love, Dannie

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