Honeymoon Island


We’ve been spending a lot of time exploring the area, and one thing I wanted to cross off the list early was a beautiful sunset on the beach. I wanted it to look romantic, and what location could be more romantic than Honeymoon Island. I was excited on Friday evening when Jake and I packed up our camera gear and headed for the state park. I wore a breezy pink dress that I knew would look good with the sun shining through it, and it whipped around in the wind as I walked down the shoreline.

05-2014-honey-moon-island-1405-2014-honey-moon-island-1 05-2014-honey-moon-island-2 05-2014-honey-moon-island-3 05-2014-honey-moon-island-4 05-2014-honey-moon-island-5

The ranger said that the gate would close at 8:20, but with all the cars still in the parking lot, we felt confident that we wouldn’t get locked in if we lingered a little longer as the sun got low. The sunset didn’t have the bold colors or luminous clouds we sometimes see but it was beautiful in its own way. The colors in the sky were soft and almost pastel-like, and the temperature of the light fit my clothing. While Jake took a break I grabbed the camera and took a few shots of him throwing a rock into the waves.

05-2014-honey-moon-island-6 05-2014-honey-moon-island-8 05-2014-honey-moon-island-9 05-2014-honey-moon-island-11 05-2014-honey-moon-island-12 05-2014-honey-moon-island-13

Normally the retouch job on all of our photographs are crispy, clean and colorful, but this time I retouched the photos to emphasize that soft peaceful feeling I had standing with Jake on the beach. Sometimes I can’t believe how far we’ve come together, and as the sun disappeared below the horizon, I couldn’t help but wonder what the next day would bring.

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