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Hi everyone. Every month or so we are planning on having some kind of special offer for our customers, and our first one is outrageous. Since we just moved from New Hampshire, we’ve noticed that a lot of our portfolio doesn’t reflect the local scenery very well. To help us get to know the people down here in Florida (and to help people get to know us) we’re offering a free mini couples session any time in June or July. It’s just an hour long, and it includes a five image mobile album for you to share with your friends and family on your phone or tablet. You can also order prints if you’d like. There’s no commitment whatsoever to purchase any other products or packages, we just want to get involved with the locals and get out and explore the area. So if you live in the Tampa Bay area or you’re willing to drive, you can see how we work and get a few beautiful pictures of you and someone you care about, whether it’s your fiance, your spouse, your sweetheart, your sibling or your child. All we ask in return is that you think of us the next time you need some photographs taken, and that you show off your mobile album to as many people as possible!

That’s pretty much all the details, but you can read about it again (or check later for more special offers) on the monthly special page of our website, or you can contact us to book this or any other session.  Time is limited though, and it’s first come first serve. Don’t forget to mention the code “Summer Special” when you contact us.

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